General Information

Picture4The Clubhouse is organized and structured around the ‘work ordered day’. The work ordered day parallels typical working hours, focusing on the strengths, talents and abilities of members. Members and Staff work side by side as colleagues to carry out all the work that is important to the Clubhouse. Members are encouraged to attend as often as possible and volunteer to participate as they feel ready, and according to their individual interests.

Members can become involved in the following:

Career & Administration  Unit

The typical work of this unit can include working on the reception desk, typing, filing, writing letters & emails, preparing reports, maintaining our website & blog, accounting tasks, publishing our newsletter ‘FYI’ and the ‘Suaimhneas Voice’. In addition this unit co-ordinates our socials, employment, education and housing programmes.


Catering & Maintenance Unit

This unit is responsible for the operation or our cafe ‘ The Daily Grind’, and for our catering and maintenance programmes. The typical work of this unit includes planning, ordering and preparation of a daily meal. Whilst working in ‘The Daily Grind’ members can experience how a fully functioning cafe operates from serving customers to purchasing supplies, making light snacks, operating a cash register and stock control procedures. This unit also has a responsibility for co-coordinating the upkeep of our allotment and maintenance /DIY projects that need to be undertaken in Suaimhneas.



As a right of membership Suaimhneas Clubhouse provides members with opportunities to return to paid employment. Members can explore the potential for entering independent , supported and transitional employment. Transitional employment is a highly structured programme for members returning to work in business and industry.


Suaimhneas Clubhouse encourages and supports members to access and sustain adult education opportunities in local schools and college. We also utilise the talents and skills of members to provide educational opportunities within Suaimhneas.

Community Support

Members are assisted in accessing service and supports within their community, this may include housing, medical or psychological services, advocacy and entitlements.

Evening & Weekend Social Programme

Suaimhneas Clubhouse offers an evening and weekend social programme to any member who wishes to participate.  These activities take place outside of the work ordered day and can be anything from going to the theatre, dining out or watching a movie.


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