About Clubhouse



EVE is a programme within the HSE, who’s primary ethos is to provide community-based recovery-orientated programmes for adults who experience mental health difficulties, intellectual difficulties, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Physical and Sensory disabilities. We do this through our network of Vocational, Rehabilitative and Clubhouse services in 21 locations across HSE Dublin North East and HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster regions.

EVE Vision Statement

EVE is committed to the development of cultures of wellness. We will achieve this through the delivery of hope-inspiring recovery-oriented services and environments in the pursuit of well-being.

What is Clubhouse?

Suaimhneas Clubhouse is a dynamic programme of support for individuals embarking on their journey towards mental health recovery. It is first and foremost a community that offers individuals hope and an opportunity to achieve their full potential. The Clubhouse is a non medical model and therefore the focus is on the strengths of the individual rather than their illness. Clubhouse provides an environment of support, acceptance and is committed to enhancing the potential of each member, enabling individuals with mental health difficulties to live full and productive lives in the community.

History of Suaimhneas Clubhouse

Interest in the Clubhouse model dates back to the early 1990’s when our auspice agency EVE carried out research to find a model of service, which could meet the varied needs of people with mental health difficulties.

Clubhouse was identified as having the capacity to achieve this. After many years of advocating with other interested groups of individuals for the opportunity to establish a Clubhouse, Irish Clubhouses started to develop.

Suaimhneas Clubhouse opened its doors in May 2003 and offers our 150+ members community, friendship and opportunities for housing, employment and education.

In late 2008 Suaimhneas Clubhouse was awarded ICCD certification an internationally recognised symbol of quality, and a credential which affirms that we are in fact operating as a clubhouse, and are in compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programmes.




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