In Memory of Suzanne

Suzanne you will be dearly missed by everyone in Suaimhneas Clubhouse. You were a shining light and an inspiration to us all! We will cherish the memories we made over the last few years and will miss your infectious positive attitude and big smile!

Captain Standards Episode 17

Dr. Chaos has broken into a member of Suaimhneas Clubhouses house and is ordering he returns to work in the Clubhouse in the middle of the night…surely this has to be against the International Standards for Clubhouse? Let's hope Captain Standards is on call 24/7 and not just typical working hours!!!

Captain Standards Episode 16

Dr. Chaos has hired a member to shine his shoes and has awarded him with a trophy for being the "best worker" in the Clubhouse! Will Captain Standards be able to stop him from breaking Standard 16 before its too late and let the Suaimhneas community know that there should be no pay or artificial award systems in a Clubhouse!